Urbaneavenues™ Head Shaver

Urbaneavenues™ Head Shaver is an innovative product with 7 flexible heads that ensure a perfect fit to the shape of your head, providing maximum contact for a clean shave. With various attachments, it allows for grooming your entire body. Recognized as the best head shaver in 2023, it is available for purchase in 150 countries worldwide.

7D Flexible Blades

With 7 blades, you can effortlessly cover a large area at once. The flexibility ensures a close shave, adapting to intricate contours for a precise grooming experience.

Waterproof Protection

Our electric shaver is equipped with reliable waterproofing, boasting a complete IPX5-rated body. This ensures effective protection against water exposure, allowing you to confidently use it in the shower. Enjoy the convenience of wet shaving without compromising performance or durability.

Easy Cleaning

The design of our electric shaver facilitates effortless cleaning. With user-friendly features, maintaining hygiene is a breeze. Keep your grooming routine simple and efficient with our easy-to-clean design.

Charging via Docking Station or Type-C

Experience versatile charging options with our electric shaver. Whether you prefer the convenience of a docking station or the flexibility of a Type-C connection, we've got you covered. Enjoy the freedom to power up your device according to your preference.

Additionally, benefit from a quick and efficient charging process, with a full charge taking just 2 hours. Once fully charged, experience a prolonged grooming session with a battery life of up to 1 hour, ensuring your device is ready whenever you need it.

5 Attachments Multi-functional Grooming Set

Achieve a comprehensive grooming experience with our versatile grooming kit featuring 5 attachments. Each attachment is designed for different grooming needs, ensuring a multi-functional and precise approach to your grooming routine.

1. Electric shaver

2. Precision trimmer head with 4 X limit comb

3. Nose and ear trimmer head

4. Facial cleaning brush

5. Massage brush

Easy Attachment Replacement

Experience hassle-free grooming with our electric shaver's easy attachment replacement feature. Swiftly switch between different grooming needs, making your grooming routine seamless and efficient.